Sara and Cazey Take TV

A little over one month ago, we launched As Told Over Brunch as our new joint endeavor. We wanted to do something special for our month-long anniversary and were kicking around lots of ideas. Our decision was made much easier with one email from a local news reporter asking to interview us for a special she's making.

Very cool! However, a little hesitation on both sides because (drumroll please)....she wanted to talk about online dating, a topic we cover regularly on our blog. We automatically said yes, as what better way to commemorate a month of joint ownership than taking on a television interview together? However, we did have a two minor concerns beforehand:

  • Cazey has never actually even been on a date with someone from online (minor details, he says)
  • Sara tends to pretend like it never happened/her Tinder account doesn't exist

But, we did it for the story. And you know what, it was pretty fun! We were interviewed by Evanne Armour of ABC 8 of Richmond, who was great to chat with. And the producer/cameraman was from Connecticut, so he's automatically awesome. It's pretty nerve-wracking when you show up at a local restaurant, and then begin chatting about your dating history, but Evanne made it easy. Okay, well not easy, but manageable.

Sara and Cazey interview

Cazey went first, as Sara essentially forced him to. From Sara's perspective, it was hilarious watching Cazey explain in depth everything she's heard for years about his beliefs on relationships. Cazey chatted about what he's looking for in a woman, how Tinder changes dating standards, and as a user of practically every dating app, he was able to walk through all the differences. Quite informative. (Unfortunately, he couldn't discuss Farmers Only, though he had the reporter going for a second.)

He had a bit of an issue with mic placement. His shirt, which was not originally a V-neck, became a V-neck by the weight of the mic on the $34, yet thin-as-tissue-paper Urban Outfitter's garment. The reporter, thankfully, clarified: "Do you mean to show your cleavage?"

Cazey: "No. No, I do not."

Sara went second, fearing her sweat was going to be super noticeable. However, the nerves somewhat subsided when the camera started to roll. It was fun looking back on dating experiences, and how perceptions have changed over the years. It was relatively painless, and both Sara and Cazey are hoping there are more interview opportunities in the future.

Well, we say that without actually seeing the final product. Then we might remove the "relatively painless" statement. Help us celebrate (?) our first television appearance (well, excluding the time Sara won a competitive eating challenge on public access, which aired endlessly for months) by tuning in to ABC 8 (local to Richmond, VA) on February 12 at 5PM. We promise it'll be worth it.

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