Sara Does the Biggest Loser

I've read a lot about diets and workout exercises. I once watched an entire workout video too (sitting down). Unfortunately, none of those activities help you lose weight. I've written about my weight before, so it's no secret that I'm not known for my skinny, toned bod. I'm not grossly flabby either. I'm somewhere in the comfortable middle with some pounds to spare. Anyways, we were talking about losing holiday weight at work, and BAM, we (well -- I didn't really do anything to help) organized a Biggest Loser competition.

It'll include sharing recipes, workouts and motivation. We'll bring in healthy snacks, take walks around the lake and verbally assault each other when we're trying to sneak some cookies into our mouths. All things I can get down with. I wasn't planning on taking it too seriously (I mean, I'll have to lay off drinking and eating donuts if I want to win), UNTIL I realized this is an outright competition. We're doing weigh-ins, sending around updates and paying a tiny fee so that the winner gets a huge prize.

So obviously the stakes were raised. Since I'm a bit of an aggressive/competitive person, I think this might be the first time I take a diet/workout plan seriously. I've actually already started preparing for it. For example, I've done nothing but carb-load since before Christmas so I had more to lose. I also signed up for a 10K and a 5K in March, so I'd really like to not die that day (yes, they're on the same day).

I do have a few concerns though:

  • I’ve tried losing weight before, and I basically turn into a hangry betch.
  • I tend to give up when the pounds don’t fall off.
  • I’ve measured my wrist and apparently I have medium sized bones. Those won’t help me win any weight loss competitions.
  • This probably should have been my first bullet point, but I really like beer.
  • This probably should have been my second bullet point, but I really like wine. And hard liquor.
  • I’ve always had a bit of chub. It’s probably stuck on me permanently. Here’s evidence:

I'm hoping since I'll be immersed in healthy living at work, AND blogging about my progress (or lack there of), I'll HAVE to lose a bit of weight. Don't worry, I'll promise to share anything that is either humorous or helpful. And in return, I hope no one holds me accountable for actually losing weight. No promises. No ragrets.